Scottish Movie Locations to visit

Scotland is an amazing place to inspire writers, Artists, musicians and Film Makers. It always has been, the amazing wildlife, architecture, deep history.. As for films that were filmed in Scotland though you’ve got Transpotting, James Bond in Skyfall, The bridge that carries the Hogwarts Express to Hogwarts in Harry Potter, or the landscapes for Macbeth.

The Glenfinnan Viaduct is probably one of Scotlands most famous filming locations. It is located near Fort William and was completed in 1901. The Jacobite Express train runs in the summer months so you can go on it yourself. The popular series of films and books by JK Rowling made the bridge even more known. Harry Potter rides the train to Hogwarts which famously goes through this bridge. You can visit the museum for Gelnfinnan bridge too.

The Fishing village was featured in the 1960s classic the Wickerman.

Rannoch Moor

Featured in Trainspotting, when the boys decided they wanted a day out.

Glen Nevis

Glen nevis is where parts of Braveheart were filmed. One of my favourite movies where Mel Gibson famously played Sir William Wallace.


Glen Etive

This driving route is absolutely stunning. It’s also where the road James Bond drove through in Skyfall.


World War Z – Glasgow George Square

I remembered watching this being filmed. The producers turned George Square into an american location and brought in yellow taxis, american police cars, bin lorries and traffic lights.

It was pretty amazing to see the transformation of George Square.

You could also see actors walking about which included american troops and hordes of people running! If you give it a search on youtube you will actually see the lorry crashing through vehicles. The location was reportedly chosen because the freeway nearby looked like an american freeway. It was certainly entertaining for Glaswegians walking by anyway!


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