Cities and Places to visit in Scotland

1 – Edinburgh –  Edinburgh is the Capital of Scotland and is packed with history. The town has some of the most beautiful architecture and history you’ll find in Scotland. There is quite a bit of haunted history in Edinburgh so you can expect to find loads of tours and guides to tell the tales scattered around the centre.

Heres some things you can do!

Fancy a night at the Museum

The National Museum of Scotland is opening its doors from 7.30-10.30pm every Friday night in August! You’ll get to see live performances from the Fringe Takeover Sessions. It costs £18.

Climb Arthur’s Seat

In the highest point of Holyrood Park you will find Arthur’s Seat. Its not too far away from the city centre too! You’ll find a spectacular view when you get to the top!

Art Galleries

Theres plenty of art galleries in Edinburgh! The National Gallery has pieces by Raphael, Titian, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Turner, Monet and more!

Head underground

Go see the Real Mary Kings Close! it shows you what the city is like in the 17th century!

Go Shopping

Theres plenty of stores in Edinburgh to go shopping!

Ride a Tram

I’ve not been on one yet but Its on the to do list next time I’m there!

Take a stroll through the meadows

Its a nice place to chill but you might find there is a lot of students.

Top 10: cities and places to visit in Scotland

2. Glasgow

Glasgow is a culture packed city home to The Glasgow School of Art, amazing music venues like SWG3, Barrowland Ballroom, O2 ABC and the Old Fruitmarket to name a few! There is a few trails to see the beautiful architecture in Glasgow.

Have a look at this trail if you fancy a look around! –

If you’re into your history you could check out Grand Central tours where they take you through the Old tunnels that run under Glasgow. Did you know there used to be a village where grand central station lies.  Grahamston vanished more than 100 years ago but the evidence that it was there still exist. Beneath the platforms of Scotlands busiest Station you will find Grahamston. The tour also takes you down to victorian platforms, shows you where the horse and carts entered the station and shows you a WW2 radio bunker. Well worth doing if you’re in Glasgow!

You should head to the East End and visit the deep history of Glasgow. You’ll find Glasgow Cathedral which was built in 1197!  nearby you will also find the Necropolis which is a massive Cemetery which dates back to 1833! If you’re an artist or photographer of some kind you will love this. It has some view too! 

Visit a brewery! Drygate bar and kitchen is a good place to go!

If theres a few of you wanting to do something together why not try Glasgows Escape Room. Escape Glasgow locks you in a room and gives you 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and clues that will help you get out. It costs £60 for an hour but its a great experience that involves teamwork and problem solving!

Going to the kinetic Theatre! Scrap metal, old furniture brought to life by engines and motors!

You also have the KelvinGrove Art Gallery and the Riverside museum! both worth doing!

3. The Outer Hebrides

Scotland mind not be the first place that comes to mind for a beach holiday but the beautiful sand that lies on the beaches of its 15 inhabited islands (The Outer Hebrides) are some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

Top 10: cities and places to visit in Scotland


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Overall Scotland is filled with history! these are just a few things you can do but places like Ayrshire and surrounding towns are also filled with things to do.

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