Abandoned Places around Glasgow

Scotland has a bunch of abandoned places and every abandoned places comes with a story. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a photographer looking for some crazy photos,  a ghost chaser, or if you’re just looking for an adventure you’ll love some of these sites.

ICI Ayrshire

Nobel Industries was founded in 1870 to produce Dynamite. Sitting on the coast of Ayrshire the factory produced Dynamite and then later moved into the production of blasting gelatine, gelignite, guncotten and cordite. At its peak the factory employed nearly 13,000 men and women. The name ICI comes from the merge of 3 groups in 1926. The group was called the Imperial Chemical Industries and became one of Britains largest firms.

The above picture is the hallway of a bunker.


The site became so busy at one point their was a train station, dentist, bank and even a travel agents onsite.


Now there is plenty of stories about the ICI a lot of the old workers still stay in the surrounding areas of Kilwinning, Irvine, Saltcoats etc and will be able to tell you a story or two! The factory was never found in WW2 but plenty of deaths still occurred.  The largest explosive production factories in the world had plenty of accidents during its peak. Rumour has it accidents would happen too often and safety regulations weren’t strict enough.


Louden Castle


The 19th century country house had a theme park on its backdoor which opened in 1995. The theme park closed and you will now find this creepy abandoned site where you can see rides such as The Rat rollercoaster and Logger’s Leap log flume. The rusted old rides do make a great picture though

Glasgow Central

Glasgow central does a tour that will show you the Victorian Platforms, WW2 Radio Bunker. Well worth doing!

Gartloch Insane Asylum


Opened in 1896 the Mental hospital was located on Gartloch Road and closed in 1996. The place has an extremely eerie feeling about it – some people have reported numerous noises from the building such as a dog barking and people crying.

All locations are located within an hour of Glasgow!

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